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Cleaning magic and Customer Relationships

As a cleaning Professional I always get calls and questions about how to clean specific things. Some Examples are, how to clean urine from carpet , how to remove soil/smoke smell left after a fire from a plastered ceiling, disinfecting a hospital room, or stripping floor finish from the floors . Some answers are easier than others of course, but I have in all my years learned that you don't remove anything from a surface by adding an additional substance without removing the first one first from the source. There is no Magic cleaning wand out there.

In cleaning, the object is to remove the soil. As cleaning your clothes,or dirty dishes you need a detergent(the right chemical) and" water" to loosen the soil, remove the soil and rinse clean the rest. Water is a very important part of the process. Aggression or agitation is another important part to loosen or break up the soil from it's hold using a scrubby, cloth or a machine. Then the removal of the soil either by rinse, vacuum , shake/blow off. It is the combination of these that is the answer to to the question.

Bottom line is, never keep adding any cleaning substance to the soil you want to remove with out removing it from what you are cleaning. There is no "easy" way to get things clean. I tell people this and then they will quietly say thank you and hang up the phone.

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